History of the company


Since 2004, “Jaklin Plus” LLC has been manufacturing the dietary supplement “Badger Fat” in the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine.

Products are packaged in transparent glass medical bottles: 50 g, 100 g, 250 g.


“Ecobars” TM, patents for a dietary supplement and the method for its preparation were registered.


We added form of presentation

The dietary supplement “Badger Fat” was presented in soft gelatin capsules of 0.3 g in an amount of 60 pcs. and 100 pcs. in food grade plastic containers.


The international food safety management system has been introduced into production and certified:

ISO 22000:2005 “Food Safety Management System. Requirements for All Organizations in the Food Production and Consumption Chain” and HACCP “Hazard Assessment and Critical Control Points”.

The system is aimed at ensuring and constantly maintaining the proper level of product quality and compliance with the relevant requirements for logistics, production, packaging and labeling, premises and equipment, quality control, as well as improving the business processes of the company.


A Certificate of Conformity to the international standard NATIS:2014 “Guidelines for the Production, Processing, Labeling and Marketing of Natural Products” was obtained.


“Red Natural” TM was registered. Patents for the dietary supplement and a method for its preparation have been obtained.

The production of a new dietary supplement “Red Fruit Oil” has been launched. This product is available in the form of a liquid (weighing 60 g, 120 g, 200 g and in the form of gelatin capsules of 0.5 g each, in blisters, 100 pcs. per pack).

The formula has been developed and a series of cosmetic products with Red Fruit Oil under “Red Natural” TM for body and hair care has been made: Shampoo, Shower gel, Tooth paste, Liquid soap and Hard soap.


- The website ecobars.ua was updated and began its work as an online store.

- The production of essential oils for external use in capsules under “Ecobars” TM has been launched.

- The dietary supplement “Badger Fat” has updated its packaging: the products are packaged in new European-made amber-colored glass bottles (Stölzle-Union s.r.o., Czech Republic).

Products are presented in pharmacies in all corners of Ukraine.

High quality standards build consumer confidence in our products