TM "Red Natural"

“Jaklin Plus” LLC has been successfully operating in the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine since 2004 as a manufacturer of dietary supplements. Dietary supplement “Badger Fat” is known to consumers in all regions of Ukraine and beyond.


The main activity of “Jaklin Plus” LLC is the manufacture of dietary supplements for maintaining and improving health. Products are introduced to the market under two trademarks: “Ecobars” TM and “Red Natural” TM.


All our products (dietary supplement “Badger Fat”, dietary supplement “Red Fruit Oil” and essential oils) are made on the basis of natural raw materials, have been certified in Ukraine, have a complete documentation package.


“Jaklin plus” LLC recently completed the development of its own formula with an exclusive active ingredient - Red Fruit Oil and in 2017 proudly introduced to the Ukrainian market a series of high-quality cosmetics under the “Red Natural” TM: Hair Shampoo, Shower Gel, Tooth paste, Liquid soap and 2 types of Hand-made hard soap.

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TM "Ecobars"

The company conducts its work in accordance with generally accepted industry standards for the development and manufacture of products and operates on the basis of strict business ethics.


“Jaklin plus” LLC observes rigorous quality control, provides regulatory support and marketing attractiveness of its products.


Our products are presented only in the pharmacy chain and specialized stores, confirming their effectiveness and safety.


Our customers’ trust and loyalty are the source of inspiration for the company.


We are certainly proud of the choice in favor of natural products that are safe for human health and the environment.

Essential oils of “Ecobars” TM

The essential oils that are present in “Ecobars” TM capsules have a pleasant smell and have long been known for their prophylactic properties, endowed with disinfectant and antiseptic properties by nature.

The contents of “Ecobars” TM capsules can be used:

  • to facilitate breathing in diseases of the upper respiratory tract;
  • to eliminate the symptoms associated with the common cold and seasonal cough.

The healing vapors of essential oils of eucalyptus and Himalayan pine that are contained in capsules contribute to the activation of metabolic processes in tissues, which leads to a significant improvement in regeneration processes.

Thymol, which is obtained from ajwan essential oil, has a pronounced antiseptic activity and helps to fight off microbes and infections.

Mint and camphor laurel have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, tonic and anesthetic properties.


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